Paver staining/dyeing is a process that can protect, preserve, and enrich the color of concrete/paver pavers

What is the process Paver Staining?



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Benefits of Paver Staining:

-You can creat unique patterns using different colors

-Staining your pavers different colors can add that new fresh look you're looking for your landscape

-The end result has a more natural look than painted pavers

-Cheaper to do compared to other options (replacing pavers, for instance)

First we prep the surface by pressure washing off any dirt, mold, and weeds. A stain of your preference is then mixed up then applied with a sprayer to ensure an even coverage and consistency then allowed to dry for about an hour. Afterward we may do touch up applications for areas your brick seems to absorb the stain the most to ensure an even coat. We recommend sealing your newly stained pavers afterward to protect the integrity of the dye from harsh elements and for a longer lasting coat. Protect your investment by sealing your pavers regularly.

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